Bara Bhangal is a alpine terrain between the Kullu Valley, Chamba and Kangra and is one of the most spectacular and little known regions of the West Himalaya. Trails crossing verdant meadows and traversing snow bound passes to access secluded Hindu villages. From Thamsar pass to Bara Bhangal is one of the most pleasant and scenic treks in the Dhauladhar region, and because of the gradual, graded slopes on the northern side of the Dhauladhar no great exertion is needed. Bara Bhangal lies in a bowl at the base of three high ranges, and many glacier torrents join near the village to form the Ravi River. From Bara Bhangal you can also go to Kullu valley. Shepherds' trails wind upwards in all directions. Nikora Pass (4745m) crosses the Manimahesh North to Kugti in Budhil Valley; Asha Jot (5033m) and Laluni Pass (5438m) cross the Bara Bhangal North East to Tandi in Lauhal Valley.


. Two high passes- Kalihani and Thamser.
. A remote shepherd village- Bara Bhangal
. Trek ends in the town of Dharamsala- home to H.H. the Dalai Lama

Quick Itinerary

Day 1: Delhi – Manali
Day 2: Trek from Manali to Lama Dugh.
Day 3: Trek from Lama Dugh to Riyali Thach
Day 4: Trek from Riyali Thach to Base of Kalihani Pass
Day 5: Trek from base of Kalihani to Dhanku Thach via Kalihani pass.
Day 6: Trek from Dhanku Thach to Dal Marhi.
Day 7: Trek from Dal Marhi to Bara Bhangal
Day 8: Spend the day in Bara Bhangal.
Day 9: Climb from Bara Bhangal to Mardh
Day 10: Trek from Mardh to Plachak via Thamsar Pass
Day 11: Trek from Plachak to Rajgundha – Billing.
Day 12: Trek from Billing to Bir and drive back to Dharamsala.
Day 13: Drive Dharamsala to Delhi.



Day 01: DEHLI – CHANDIGARH - MANALI (2050 mt./4hrs.train/Drive 6 hrs.)

Early morning transfer to New Delhi railway station to catch train for Chandigarh. After 4 hours train ride we board a car for Manali. This is a 5-6hrs scenic mountain drive. Manali, a beautiful Himalayan hill station nestled near the Northern end of the Kullu Valley at an altitude of 2,050m (6,726ft) in the Beas River Valley. Overnight in hotel & Dinner.

Day 02: MANALI – LAMA DUGH (3017 mt./Trek 4 hrs.)

After having rested and acclimatized in this beautiful hill station for a day, we meet our trekking crew this morning and set off on the trail. The town is surrounded by dense forests of giant cedars and pine and our trail climbs gently through the Manalsu valley to the alpine meadow of Lama Dugh where we camp for the night. As the trail climbs higher you get spectacular views of some prominent peaks in this range like Deo Tibba (6,001 m/ 19,683 ft) and Indersan (6,220mt.). Overnight in Tents & Dinner.

Day 03: LAMA DUGH – RIYALI THACH (3400mt. /Trek 5 hrs.)

Upon resuming Bara Bhangal trekking in the morning, you will continue to climb for about 1 hrs. km.. The track goes across a sharp ridge, from where you will be able to see the entire Manali and Kullu valleys. Riyali Thach has an elevation of approximately 11154 feet above the sea, and it will be your resting place for the night. Overnight Tents & Dinner.

Day 04: RIYALI THACH – KALIHANI PASS BASE (4010 mt. / Trek 7 hrs.)

This day is a long day in your Bara Bhangal trekking. The trail proceeds over open meadows initially followed by a steep descent to a stream. Crossing it, the path continues in a steep climb for about three hours till you arrive at the camp, at the base of the Kalihani Pass. Make sure you catch the views of Deo Tibba and Indrasan peaks from the campsite. Overnight in Tents & Dinner.

Day 05: BASE OF KALIHANI PASS – KALIHANI PASS (4625mt.) – DHANKU THACH (3500 mt. /Trek 8 hrs.)

Today the landscape slowly begins to change, as forests and meadows give way to rocky back-drops with patches of snow. Take time off at the pass to get a splendid 360 degree view of hanging glaciers, the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges. Steep climb through glacier and moraine leads to the Pass where we can view all major peaks of Kullu and Lahoul valley. Descent from the pass through small patches of snow and ice along the stream which originates from the pas takes us to camp site at Dhanku Thach. Overnight in Tents & Dinner.

Day 06: DHANKU THACH – DAL MARHI (3900Mt. /Trek 6 hrs.)

A long but easy walk is the highlight of this day. You first cross a stream called Kalihani Nullah, and then come downhill through mixed forests of birch and oak. After walking on flat terrains for most parts of this hike, you encounter a steep but short climb to the campsite of Dal Marhi, 3900mt.Overnight in Tents &Dinner.

Day 07: DAL MARHI – BARA BHANGAL (2882mt. / Trek6 hrs.)

It is a nice gradual downhill walk in beautiful surrounding of Bara Bhangal area. The trail now continues down the Ravi River into the deodar forest, to the only large village in the valley, Bara Bhangal.


This day will be spent in resting at Bara Bhangal. Explore village and surrounding areas. Bara Bhangal is isolated and seldom visited. Members of the Gaddi tribe inhabit it.

Day 09: BARA BHANGAL – MARDH (3830mt. /Trek 5 hrs.)

After a rest day, you will start climbing towards the next big pass, Thamsar. The trail winds up through pine, deodar and birch forests with mountain streams to break the monotony. The campsite at Mardh is near the base of the Thamsar glacier.Overnight in Tents & Dinner.

Day 10: MARDH – THAMSAR PASS (4820mt.) – PLACHAK (2721mt. / Trek 7 hrs.)

Another day of steep ascent over moraine, scree and glacier. The climb is broken by a small lake just below the pass. From the top of Thamsar, you will get your first glimpse of the lush Kangra valley. On the other side of the pass, it's a steep, long descent till you reach the campsite at Plachak, well below the tree line.

Day 11: PLACHAK – RAJGUNDHA –BILLING (2430mt./Trek 6 hrs.)

This day is the easiest day of the Bara Bhangal trek so far. The path is flat and easy, passing through pine forests with many mountain streams. The valley widens and you get great views of the open Kangra valley. The campsite is just after the small village of Rajgundha & ahead lays a tiny village of Billing for camp. Overnight in Tents & Dinner.

Day 12: BILLING – BIR – DHARAMSALA (2000 mt./ Trek 3 hrs./ Drive

On the trek, extensive views of the lush green Kangra valley are the welcome site and soon the steep descent ends at the tiny Tibetan settlement of Bir, the land of the legendary Gaddis – the tough and weary Himalayan Shepherds. . At Bir, board a vehicle and drive to Dharamsala. Overnight in hotel & Dinner.



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